Thursday, April 16, 2009

I live on a golf course but cannot play to save my life

Next week will mark the 4th anniversary of the first time I came to live on a golf course. And in those 4 years, I have never been able to hit a golf ball properly. Not once. Nope.

Let me qualify though, that in those 4 years, I have only held a golf club a maximum of maybe 10 times... Haha! But truthfully, I am all praise and respect for anyone great at golf because it is one mind boggling game. I have never been able to get my mind around how to actually play it. That oddly shaped stick and the tiny hole where you have to putt it in is just too much of a mismatch to comprehend.

I mean, basketball, even though I suck at that too, is fairly easy to understand HOW you get to be good at it. The same goes with football, volleyball, even tennis or badminton. Chess, the game of strategy, is also a concept not that difficult to understand: you anticipate your opponents moves and make your own strategic plans...

But golf, dear Holy God, whoever made this sport was crazy...

Some more photos of the golf course...

Okay, some of those are not really part of the golf course, but who's keeping track anyway? :p

The white thing in the
foreground is a mushroom!

With the swimming pool and some flowers along the driveway too.
And lastly, here's a funny blogsite with jokes about golf.


  1. funny. i have played quite a few times. Some of the more fun and frustrating times in my life. i gave up trying to get better and just try to have fun with the guys i am with. for me its more about community, otherwise the little white ball just becomes too frustrating.

  2. Hey Brian, lol it is damn frustrating to not be able to hit that ball after you concentrated really really REALLY hard on hitting it... ha!

  3. Rey, at least you got to hold a golf club 10x. I haven't :D

  4. My son's best friend keeps asking him, "why in the world would you want to drive a ball 150 -200 yards just to chase after it and hit it agian." This comment keeps my son upbeat everytime he is having a difficult time on the course. Just focus on something other than your swing and let your muscles take over.

  5. "But golf, dear Holy God, whoever made this sport was crazy..."

    Ahahaha. And recent events seem to indicate that golf causes unintended consequences: runaway libido and barefaced lying... Love the photo of the gatecrashing mushroom.