Thursday, September 03, 2009

I was beginning

A Theme Thursday Post


I was beginning to get bored
inside my mummy's tummy
so I kicked the joint and split
through this passageway so tiny

It took me three whole days
it was a special trilogy
until at long last I was born
on that night of a syzygy


I was beginning to grow
hair in places that you know,
and my voice was always cracking
Oh, what about my singing?

So I went to the Doc
To seek medical support
But instead, he circumcised me
Now I'm no longer "supot".

*supot is a Filipino word that means "uncircumcised".

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1 comment:

  1. I just noticed it now. You got this published on my birthday. Wala lang, napag usapan lang.... You know what, ang sarap magbasa ng archives mo. May adventure, may naughty posts, may deeply reflective posts. Sige next time uli - as every comment I make here gets published in Twitter - baka sabihin nila ikaw lang ang kilala kong blogger. lols.

    Very enjoyable read especially on a Sunday. You really have the gift, Rey. You really do.