Monday, September 14, 2009

SM Batangas is now a free Wifi Zone!

This is an awesome new reason to get a wifi ready cellphone.

It seems like Henry Sy is pulling another card from up his sleeve. After the huge success of putting BDO Banks inside the malls and then extending banking hours, now, one by one, SM Malls are now becoming FREE WIFI ZONES. Ehem... FREE WIFI ZONES!!! (awesum Mr. Sy)

SM Marikina was first up back in February. Then several more SM malls followed suit: SM Cebu, SM City Manila, SM Bicutan, SM Megamall, SM Mall of Asia, SM North EDSA, SM Bacolod, SM Baguio, SM Pampanga, and SM Iloilo. Woot!

On September 11, 2009, SM Batangas joined this growing list of Free Wifi Zones. ehem ehem...Calling Ayala Malls... ring.. ring.. I wonder when Greenbelt Malls, Trinoma, ATC, Glorietta, and the others will have free Wifi?

Is the SM Mall Free Wifi any good?

I personally tried SM Batangas Free Wifi last Thursday and Friday to see if the signal is strong and the connection is fast. And yes, my friends, SM Batangas Wifi on a weekday is awesome - probably owing to the fact that there are not a lot of users on weekdays. I read here that the signal is strongest at the food court - I tried it way on the other side of the building, and it works great. It's ironic in a way though - the cool hangout place for coffee and internet is now is no longer Starbucks.. its The SM Food Court! :p
Impact on other Businesses

Whoops, all of a sudden, normal hangout places for coffee and internet have become "too expensive". In SM Batangas, much like in other SM Malls, Starbucks, Burger King, Max's and other restaurants have offered wifi survices to attract customers. Some free, some with a fee. With this change, will ALL of them start offering their wifi services for free? Or will they stop giving wifi services completely?

How about other coffee shops outside of the mall? Do you think they will also begin offering free wifi?

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  1. Waaaaa... gusto ko na din ng WIFI unit, err, iPhone or Blackberry. :(

  2. Hahaha! Mee tooo (obviously) lol!

  3. Can I just say... Awesome new look! I like the crown!


  4. Iyon kayang palengke namin at talipapa dito sa probinsya kelan kaya magkaka wifi? Ahahaha. Sus, makakalibre nga ako ng internet connection mamamasahe naman ako ng todo. lols. Bayad na lang ako ng per hours sa Smart. lols.

    Hey, buti ka pa may korona.

    Malabo na mata ko - di ko nakita ang fish. Ahehehe.

    Pansin ko mas mabilis magload ang blog mo compared sa dati. Andyan na ba dati un header na Is that a preparation for moving your blog? Yes! Oy, kapitbahay tayo ha? :-P

  5. Hey ReyJr,

    I'm the happiest. This is a blast. Now I can open your blog with my IE, Yehey! And it loads in a jiffy...Wow!!!

    Thanks, thanks. I could visit you more often now. I like the fresh , clean look too.

    About the Wifi, meron na rin kami dito, kaya lang sa Joillibee . he he he... madali na lang ngayon ang internet. Globe and Smart are offering pre paid internet utlization now and meron pa as low as 10 pesos - the beauty of technology.

    Congrats with your new look.


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  6. magandang sm.:)

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  7. Where is Marilao? Sorry bagsak ako sa Sibika. lol.
    Thanks for the info about the other wifi hotspots! I didn't know those! I think Doc Z would appreciate knowing that 3rd floor free wifi in Trinoma. Doc?

    I've never been to Cafea near ABS CBN, but have been there several times. May masarap din na restaurant dun which I forget at the moment. :p

  8. Parang gusto ko din ng iPhone pero saka na lang! :D

  9. Thanks Doc! I made it myself! wee! 8-)

  10. Dear LJ, Magpapatayo ako ng SM dyan na may wifi pero kailangan gibain ang talipapa. Capitalismo! Ibagsak! haha. weird.

    I made that banner myself! Haha! Sa photoshop. =D Pero yung fish ay ipinamigay ko sa mga choir members, tig-iisa sila. :p Bumili na lang ako ng Hamster, si Ziggy ayun sa tabi. Pakainin mo sya ha.

  11. I'm so glad you're back here! I had missed you here and was becoming increasingly frustrated with the errors that I didn't know how to fix. Buti na lang I changed my theme. Hopefully this one is more stable.

    If after a week I have no problems, will buy the domain na. Yay! :-D

  12. Maganda nga Ever! :D 8-)

  13. Yes, Rey, this theme is great. No hassles. Do retain it, para di na ako mahirapan magtweet din ng posts mo...he he he... it feels good to be back.

    Where is the good Doctor?

    Rey, let's start a question that he should answer again.. :-D

    There were certain researches conducted in the past whether the EMR coming from cell phones are damaging to the brain. The cell phone companies claimed that the results were negative. The question now is: Are WiFi connections (having a greater EMR) really more detrimental to the brain/health?

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  14. Electromagnetic Radiation or EMR used by mobile phones are in the microwave level.

    So far, studies have been conducted and the The World Health Organization, based upon the consensus view of the scientific and medical communities, states that health effects (e.g. headaches or promotion of cancer) are unlikely to be caused by cellular phones or their base stations, and expects to make recommendations about mobile phones in October 2009.

    Wikipedia. ;)

    So, we'll get more news next month.


  15. @Zorlone We to hear it more from you than from Wiki, of course Doc. ;)

    We all see the value of getting wifi ready malls (very soon maybe, paying stores via wifi based applications) but are these wifi microwaves frying our brains?


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  16. SM is really doing their jobs to make their customers satisfy to their malling activities.. and putting up a WiFi zone areas is really simply awesome... sana yung banyo namin WiFi zone area din! hahahhaa... btw, nice template! better than the first one! love it! =-X

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  17. Aw... I needed to site my source. Albeit there are some who would say that
    WIKI is not the official source for a lot of stuff but that's the easiest to
    visit. ehehe
    Yeah, that's the reason I don't keep my phone in my pocket, don't want to
    fry my soldiers. Yikes! LOL