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Who is Gilbert Teodoro, Jr. (and why is he running for President)?

Today (Sept 16), the unified Lakas-Kampi-CMD party of the Administration voted to put National Defense Sec. Gilbert "Gibo" Teodoro in the running for the highest position in Philippine government - choosing him over MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando and pitting him against cousin Sen. Noynoy Aquino.

If you are like me who is a bit disconnected from Philippine politics, you would go: "Who is Gilbert Teodoro, Jr.?" And for that matter, why is he running for President?

I had this notion that people who run for President are those famous enough so that you won't have to ask. Then again, I asked the exact same question about NoyNoy Aquino. I didn't know Ninoy had a son in the Senate! Wow! Circumstances have changed a lot in the past couple of months. From obscure to Presidentiable was the path NoyNoy took - at least for me. And it seems Gibo will be much of the same now that he has been thrust into the limelight...

Cojuangco vs Cojuangco?

It had been mentioned a lot that the 2010 National Elections Presidential seat will be a fight between two Cojuangco's. How so? I researched a bit and now understand that NoyNoy Aquino and Gibo Teodoro, Jr. are second cousins.

Noynoy's mother - the late Pres. Cory Cojuangco-Aquino is first cousins with Gibo's mother, Mercedes Cojuangco-Teodoro. Their grandfathers, Jose and Eduardo Conjuangco are brothers.

Jose Cojuangco's Family Tree

Under Jose Cojuangco's family tree are other famous personalities, politicians and celebrities including Jose Jr. or more popularly known as Peping Cojuangco (whose wife is TingTing de los Reyes-Cojuangco) and his famous children China Cojuangco, Mikee Cojuangco and Maimai Cojuangco. These 3 girls have a couple more non-showbiz siblings.

We can't forget to mention, of course, Jose Cojuangco's most famous grandchild (for the moment), Kris Aquino-Yap.

Soon enough, Noynoy will eclipse Kris is popularity - nothing like running for the Presidency to make you a household name.

Eduardo Cojuangco's Family Tree

Eduardo's side of the Cojuangco clan is also not short of the rich and famous - foremost is 7th Richest Man in the Philippines in 2009, Eduardo Jr. or Danding Cojuangco. Danding is Gibo's uncle, brother of his mother Mercedes Cojuangco who is married to Gilbert Teodoro, Sr., former SSS Administrator.

So, now we know who Gibo is and how he is related to Noynoy - it's time to know what he is about. My first impression is one of pleasant surprise, his resume is quite impressive. But performance matters much more than what is on paper. I am looking forward to reading more about him, Sen. Noynoy Aquino and 9th Richest man in the Philippines (pero taga-Tondo!) Sen. Manny Villar. For starters, I've followed them on Twitter too. ;)

It's still a long way to go before election day. It will be very interesting how each candidate will try to win the people's votes while keeping their integrity and composure. Public scrutiny will be at its highest for them - beginning now. Good luck.

Photos from here and here. The Family tree was made by yours truly.

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  1. I don't usually follow politics, but I wont be surprised if they are all relatives. he he he. they have the money and the machinery anyway. I guess you have to be rich to be in politics, or the bigger offices.

    then again, there are some congressmen who are in the middle class too. I think one declared less than Php 100k as his earnings.

    Anyway, good luck to us in the coming elections.

    As for me, it's the lesser evil that will get my vote.


  2. 8-) It would be great if that day comes when the voters no longer see it as "voting for the lesser evil" but rather voting for a leader - one that inspires all of us to be better people, one that shows integrity and strength, one that projects an image - not just of hope but also of success, dedication, drive, and power.

    Why not? libre naman mangarap. Heh heh.

  3. Mary Joycelle Casiño SaulogSeptember 17, 2009 at 10:45 AM

    I'm very interested with what's going on in our politics today especially with the competition between Noy and Gibo..I might say I am 100% in support for Noy. This has nothing to do with the passing away of Tita Cory or with the popularity of his sister, Kris. It's just that I believe in Noy's character compared to other aspirants.

  4. this is an interesting development.
    the admin chooses a man "born to be in politics.", yet a relative unknown to the masses, thus the very poor survey ratings...
    and when noynoy declared his bid, they chose gibo over the "somehow-winnable" bayani f.

    then, majority of the congressmen and local officials declare their support for gibo, a GMA-ally, whom they are all aware of the bad reputation of the current admin.

    so, 1.) if they have the machinery, and these officials are supportive of GMA's pick, how much money is involved?
    2.) how far will GMA go to make Gibo win for her to be immune from future cases.
    3.) Gibo helped deny every impeachment case against GMA when he was in congress. So, how far will he go for GMA when he wins?
    4.) what were his platforms, aside from being a GMA "tuta?"

    obviously im not a GMA fan.
    and i'll be voting for change.

    definitely, im no voting for one of the cojuangco's,hehe.

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  5. ang galing naman ng history ng family tree ng dalawa..nice pards..thanks for this..

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  6. I am not into politics until I heard my angel being concern about it. But, I'm not that enthusiast. That's why when he texted me that it would be Gibo who'll run for Presidency for the admin, I replied "Sino si Gibo?".

    Eventhough he had told me that he is the Defense Secretary(?), and NoyNoy's second cousin, I still don't know him, LOL!

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  7. Jesus. I hit the cancel button instead of the submit button. So there goes a longish comment.

    Anyway, excellent work on the family tree. A+ for effort. But a C for not knowing Tita Cory has a Senator for a son. What are you thinking! Magagalit si ate Kris nyan. lols. But we're even so don't feel bad. I got a C too for not knowing what accomplishments our good Senator has in the Senate either.

    Is this good news for Teodoro? As far as I'm concerned - no. I don't know what's the excitement all about. Do the admin people know something I don't?

    At the moment, we're presented with so-so candidates. And we have no choice but to select from the lot.

    There's an optimist inside of me, I admit. Who knows what strange confluence of events can be brought to bear on these people. Perhaps at the right time they'd step up to the plate and deliver. History has shown ordinary mortals become full-blooded leaders once they're entrusted with power. Many of course have proved to be duds. But some have risen to the occasion before. I'm just praying that FOR ONCE we get lucky.

  8. I agree that there is no doubt Noynoy's integrity is solid as a rock - that's his strongest point. It was his parents' inheritance to him. His demeanor and baldness also kinda adds to his "he couldn't hurt a fly" image, no?

    I suppose how we choose our votes greatly depend on our personal priorities - your is character, and I see nothing wrong with it. Go with your choice Mary Joycelle! That's what democracy is all about. 8-)

  9. Change? Lol, Obama's not running in the Philippines! Heheh Joke lang.

    Gibo Teodoro's policies and plans do align with that of GMA's - I suppose it will - and that was probably part of the reason he is the Administration's candidate. That wasn't such a surprise for me.

    Who are you voting for reigun and why? I haven't made up my mind yet, maybe you can give me the strengths of your candidate of choice. :)

  10. Ni-research ko pa nga yan eh. I have a huge tree of the Cojuangco Clan - yung part lang nila nilagay ko dito. ;)

  11. Haha, I had the same reaction. I knew I had heard his name before but when it was announced that he was running for President, I took notice and did some research. :D

  12. LJ - from what I've read, your C rating is not deserved at all, NoyNoy's achievements in the Senate are hardly achievements daw. But then again, better to know more and read more before passing judgement.

    I don't know if this is good news for Gibo. It will definitely make him famous - that's for sure. So even if he loses his bid, he still would have amassed enough "influence" to do greater things that he was able to do before.

    Or not. I can't tell. Must ask Perlas na Bilog.

  13. obama's not running here? but he's on the same tv ad with GMA?! lol.

    honestly? i am still undecided. yes, i have already crossed-out some in my list (like erap and jamby, hehe).

    and i am doing the necessary "mini-research" on all of them. we'll see. ^_^

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  14. between Gibo and BF, I'd really go for BF... now, I don't have a candidate... wait, there's Noynoy!

    is bing tagged as the "lesser evil" really a come-on?

    hmmm.. okay, lemme think

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  15. Hi Rey,
    My first time to post a comment on your blog. You did a great job on your research. :)
    I am sure that most people are wondering who Gibo Teodoro is. Just to share what I know, the guy really has the "it" factor. As you've said, his resume is quite impressive. But he goes beyond what is written on his resume.

    It would take a lot of courage on his part to take on the responsibility (I wouldn't call it privilege) of being the admin's standard bearer knowing the fact that the people are sick and tired of the goings-on in our government. And it is even greater pressure knowing that his popularity rating hasn't even reached a single digit. But I guess, what drove him to take on the challenge is the his drive to present positive changes. He is a no-nonsense guy. And unlike other politicos and trapos, he works and does his best even if it gets unnoticed - and probably that's the reason why the common tao has not heard much about him.

    I also believe that the support he's getting from the mayors, governors, etc. should not be considered as a "for-show" thing. A lot of local officials really respect him mainly because of his untarnished integrity, as some believe is Noynoy's best selling point. I am sure that in as much as they'd hate to admit, even Chiz Escudero, Mar Roxas, etc and others from the opposition have high regards to Gibo.

    I am not selling Gibo here. I am just sharing what I know first hand. If only people would be more open minded to get to know him better than just "GMA's pakawala", then they'd realize that he is even a better option. He should not have GMA as his baggage as he is his own man. When they finally present their platforms and engage in debates, I am sure more people would have a clearer picture of what Gibo is really made of.

    If I am asked, I'd actually say na sana hindi na lang siya tumakbo mainly because a lot of people would now throw a variety of attacks I am sure he doesn't deserve. But on the other hand, I am still an optimist. That maybe after all these, the people will get to their senses and take the choosing to a more "educational" approach and not just bursts of emotions - panay haka-haka at bugso ng damdamin. I am just hoping for the best to happen. :)

  16. If it was me, I'd prefer not to be elected at all than to win only because I'm the lesser evil. Then again, if I was privy to how much money and power is involved, I might have to think about that again. hahaha!

    Hmm.. another thought: would you rather be "lesser evil" or "unqualified for the position"? Ahehe. :-$

  17. Great job. I'm sure we'll hear from you when you've decided on who to vote for! Share you mini research din. =D

  18. Welcome to my blog Maan! You're arrival is like a bell tower heralding the arrival of a prince, or the coming of a storm. Hehe. Either way, thank you for choosing to make your introduction here. :)

    Now we all know more about Gibo thanks to you. It's keeping me interested, this sharing, and I am hoping it will continue. I admit, I do not write about Politics a whole lot - I prefer to keep my Political affinities to myself - but I do like hearing all sides of the story.

    Just in this short 18 comment thread we've heard dissenting points of view - but to me it does not matter, your opinions are given high regard here. Don't fret.

    Thanks again and I hope it won't be the last time you comment! ;)

  19. I agree, that's what democracy is all about right? ;)
    Haha, I've always been a blog hopping so much because I get to see somebody else's take on things. Honestly, I was a bit hesitant because like you, I'd rather keep my opinions to myself. But then again, discussion is a lot better when we know both sides of the story di ba? So I've decided to put my two cents in. :)
    Thanks and more power to your blog! :-D

  20. Yes Democracy - something I truly hope our generation and the next continue to uphold and protect.

    Thank you for your giving your opinions here. I truly appreciate it!

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  21. nice i want mr. gilbert teodoro to be our presedent because of his knowledge to handling the politics
    and in his high education
    I salute you "gibo" :)

  22. I think Gibo will be an excellent president -- no dramas, no nonsense. Based from his interviews, it seems that he has answers (may it be right or wrong, at least he still has answers). This shows that he knows where he wants this country to go. Some of the candidates just give out speeches without really giving a concrete answer to the problem.

    And if name is to be a basis for choosing a president, I think you should look at his being "Teodoro" too. His dad was an administrator for SSS with an unblemished record. I remember my auntie, who is now a VP in one of the departments in SSS told me a story about Gibo's dad -- he gave her a broom for Christmas back when she was still a manager in SSS. He wrote in the Christmas card, "let's clean the system together".

    So far, I like him best.

  23. This revelation gives us a hint that we can never get away from oligarchs trying to manipulate people in our society, specially the poor. Their manipulation is masked in the name of democracy, political healing, love for the poor, change, "first time in the history of Philippine politics", tatapusin ang kahirapan etc, but we know very well that all these things are mere means for them, these are not the end, meaning, all these things are directed to their pleasure, entertainment, power, political dynasty and family business and profits.

  24. Can we have a candidate that has a track record of authentic concern for the poor, the oppressed and landless farmers, and one that boost the morale of the working class? Who could be the ONE?

  25. This communication is good and it could do a little justice to unearth my musings on the matter. I even doubted the sincerity of Ninoy himself because it appears to me that the bloodline seem to have taken the opportunity of disheveled and disillusioned Filipinos to steal the scene, killed Ninoy and let the bloodline loot much coveted heroic act. We linked the Filipino strength to rebel against the Filipino Bagong Lipunan order to that of Ninoy's death but I think it wasn't because Filipinos had been fighting for social order even before him. Filipinos had been fraying against American imperialism yet the Filipinos hungrily and blindly grabbed a North American- sponsored 1986 president - much to my mistrust on popular decision making of Filipinos during the so called People Power backed by the Church. The electorate, whose majority of its registered voters are mis-informed, barely basing decision from ratings mostly from media-machinery, dole-out propaganda, and star-power. These observation seem to legitimize my claim now that our electoral system is defective specifically our choice of voters, the multi-party system, the campaign machinery and the cycle of mismatch between people's expectation and what our country really need to that of the real intentions and programs of those elected.

  26. Presenting our judgment and opinion with great care and firm conviction only shows our bravery and deep involvement on the matter and do justice to our sometimes coward-nature. This shows our deep concern on Philippine issues that really affect us. Let the people say that we're pathetic and so serious, but that is the only fuel that keeps our spirits burning amidst the passive and comfortable filthy rich and politicians trying hard to project heroism; and those who are merely entertained at their own seat watching the struggle of the working class, the rural and urban poor, the innocent, the mis-educated majority and faithful tax-payers.

  27. Haha, I had the same reaction. I knew I had heard his name before but when it was announced that he was running for President, I took notice and did some research. :D

  28. Ni-research ko pa nga yan eh. I have a huge tree of the Cojuangco Clan - yung part lang nila nilagay ko dito. ;)

  29. If it was me, I'd prefer not to be elected at all than to win only because I'm the lesser evil. Then again, if I was privy to how much money and power is involved, I might have to think about that again. hahaha!

    Hmm.. another thought: would you rather be "lesser evil" or "unqualified for the position"? Ahehe. :-$

  30. Great job. I'm sure we'll hear from you when you've decided on who to vote for! Share your mini research din. =D

  31. Yes Democracy - something I truly hope our generation and the next continue to uphold and protect.

    Thank you for your giving your opinions here. I truly appreciate it!

  32. You're welcome and thank you also for this forum. I had done much research on the candidates and of course, I am convinced that GILBERT TEODORO is the best among the presidentiables so far. I am totally impressed by his clear and concise platform, his eloquence and calm responses over the GMA and ABS-CBN fora and his dedication during the natural disasters that tested his credibility. I appeal therefore to his honor and manliness to please listen to as many people as he could and respond to them with compassion and wisdom. Thank you Gibo! I'm volunteering to campaign you in my own little ways and in my own community.

  33. naniniwala po ako sa kakayahan ni GIBO, kasi hindi naman po ako maniniwala kung di naman po talagang may nakikita ako kay GIBO na wala po ang iba.. kung napapanood po ninyo siya sa mga TV Programs for elections like "Isang Tanong". "Harapan", o "Votebook". lahat po nang kanyang mga sagot ay sincere.. hindi po dapat kasi tayo basta na lamang tumitingin sa negatibong mga issues about him.. we shouldn't judge.. kaya nga po may botohan, para ilabas ho natin ang mga opinion natin...hindi po nanganagko si Gibo, dahil gagawin na lamang po niya ang dapat.

  34. tama po naman kayo. pero, ang isang presidente ay dapat may galing at talino.. yan po ang tamang basehan.

  35. ako rin nga po e.

  36. i want a president who is firm and determined to reach success in the path of righteousness. He must be POLITICALLY CORRECT and MORALLY UPRIGHT.

    i hope that filpinos would have open minds for the coming election. what we need now is a change of system. if only one person could make a change and show light to the people and so the people in darkness would follow his light, then i bet we could altogether reach the betterment of this country.

  37. I didn't know Gibo until the election period began. I probably would have been interested in knowing who he was earlier had he done something to the peace and order situation in Mindanao. He has fantastic qualifications, but a hopeless performance as defense minister. Will he be able to run country well? Well, I look at performance not promises.

  38. And my dad who was able to get to Know Gibo just said this simply "Mabait si Gibo". This was before Gibo ran for the presidency

  39. I think GIBO is the president we've all been waiting for please don't look at the party he is in.. but with the potential and kind-hearted he has for all of us, I believe in him, win or lose, I will still support him.. GALING AT TALINO lamang ako.