Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Interviewed by an American writer

I consider myself a newbie blogger - by all normal standards (Alexa Rank, Feedburner readers, etc. - and all those uber important metrics) and so I was a tad bit hesitant when I was asked to participate in a group interview about my thoughts on blogging - with some veteran bloggers, a few probloggers and winners of the EIB 2009. To top it off, the interviewer, Holly Jahangiri, is a professional American writer! Needless to say, I was both honored and pressured to give each question some long deliberation (and proof-reading) before I sent my answers. Lol.

The interviewees were our doctor-poet Dr. Lorenzo Bernardino of Zorlone; Jena Isle, a mother and teacher who still manages to keep multiple blogs; Roy of The Struggling Blogger a veteran blogger who started in 2004 and now "earns a few bucks on the side" through blogging; Luke who has the "youngest" blog of the bunch - A Walk in the Dark; and Jan of Writing to Exhale, winner of the 2009 EIB.

Everyone gave wonderful insights on blogging, glimpses into their history, and plans for the future. In the end though, it was Holly's creativeness that shone through - although that interview happened virtually, the result seemed nothing different from a casual discussion over coffee about each blogger's history, purpose and thoughts about blogging.

I'm inviting you to read our group interview on Holly's Blog post: Thoughts on Blogging | It's All a Matter of Perspective and share about your own thoughts on blogging. :D

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  1. Making Money Online with Ronald ReditoSeptember 17, 2009 at 12:43 AM

    Nice to know man, and to think that this is only a blogger blog (not a purchase domain like mine) but you still made it to the top and got interviewed.

    I am a newbie in this scene but I hope to reach success like you.

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  2. You're so much taller than me haha - almost half a foot taller (I'll let you do the converting to centimeters. lol.) So I guess during casting, you'll get Elf and I'll get hobbit. lol.

  3. Architects are awesome when they can blend form and function seamlessly. :D Way to go!

  4. Hi Ronald! Welcome to my blog. I'm actually intending to buy this doman soon! Hehe. DO you think it will affect traffic much? I am eager to find out.

    I'm flattered by your comment. Although, more than anything else, this interview was one with blogger friends. I guess this being a personal blog allows me such possibilities of connecting more with my readers and visitors on a personal level. ;)

    I found your blog interesting as well and even saw your youtube video. Haha. Way to go Ronald! 8-)