Thursday, September 10, 2009

We (still) got rhythm - 9 years later!

"Each morning I get up with the sun..."

Below is a video of the UP Concert Chorus performing a medley of Gershwin's songs, taken during one of our concerts in Norway way back in the year 2000.

I remember that the stage was huge, the lights and the sound systems were perfect - and the audience was amazing. We even had Norweigian visitors we met at a festival that we attended earlier that year.

A few weeks ago, the group featured here, the UPCC Batch 2000 had a wonderful reunion that lasted all night and ended only because of the hosts' scheduled flight to Bangkok. :p As many UPCC reunions go, we spent almost the whole time singing (and dancing) our old songs.

We started with the songs most of us still remembered (Aleluia by Randall Thompson, Ambo Hato, Pamulinawen, etc.) - some struggled, some begged for copies of the music sheet - and so Denise, our host, opened her "baul" (vault) and took out her folders and binders of our old concert repertoire.

That broke the dam - we moved to the piano and cajoled our pianist, Benjie to play for us. The medley in the video above was one of those we sang, along with Mambobola, Pumapatak na Naman ang Ulan, Get Happy, Hibang sa Awit and many others - and we tried to remember the dance moves too. Haha!

Yes my friends - we still got rhythm - even after 9 years!

During all that ruckus, Shaina, our new attorney, constantly exclaimed that she wanted our batch to hold a concert next year - it was our 10th year Anniversary after all. A full concert by an alumni batch of the UPCC has never been fully realized before, and so if we are successful, we will be the trendsetters once again.
 If we hold a concert next year, will you come and watch?

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  1. It´s difficult to see but if it´s in Oslo so I guess it could be Oslo Conserthus.