Saturday, January 30, 2010

You can make money on the internet too - seriously!

I have a lot of "offline friends" who read this blog and are curious about how I get to earn through blogging. This is post is for you my friends, and all those newbie bloggers with personal blogs who are curious about how to make money on the internet.

You can make money on the internet with a personal blog

I am not the authority on stuff like "How to Monetize Your Blog" or "How to make money on the internet" - there are thousands of people who know that way better than me.  I will tell you instead my experience with it so far.

I have a personal blog, and in my one year of blogging, I've earned roughly around Php 2,500.00.  It's nothing to brag about, believe me, especially when other uber bloggers are earning as much as Php 1,000,000 ($20k) in one month on their blogs...

I try instead to look at it this way - my current earnings is enough to pay for my blog domain ( for 5 years already. :D  (at $10 or roughly around Php 500 per year). I am not pressured to write SEO friendly content, I just write what I want to write about.

A quick disclaimer - I have not really been actively trying to earn from blogging. I write the same way I used to write, and about the same topics.  This is my personal blog, not an advertising agency, and I have chosen to stay true to my initial blogging intentions.

That being said, I am encouraging you to, if you have not yet - Monetize your blog! It's quite easy to set-up, there are numerous options and you can use one or two or all of them.  Once you have set them up on your blog, you can forget about them and continue writing what you want to write about.

Breaking it down

OK, so, where the heck did all this money come from? Hehe. I've signed up for the following internet marketing affiliates and other money making online sites - in the chronology of my joining dates.  I've linked their respective websites as well if you are interested in signing up!

Google Adsense - I joined in Nov08, now 14 months running.  These are ads that run on your blog and you earn when people click on them.  I have earned a total of $32.44 so far. Payout is $100, so I guess, I have to wait a couple more years. (I hope it will be sooner than later!) - I joined in Apr09, now 9 months running.  This is a local ad company similar to Google Adsense in that you get paid if people click on the ads.  Payout is in Phil pesos - so far I have accumulated Php825.68.

LinkWorth -  Signed up for this in Oct08 then forgot all about it until this post. Haha. I never heard from them, but I guess it's worth looking into again. These give in-content ads and sponsored posts or links.

Sponsored Tweets - Using my twitter account (Follow me: @ryjr) I signed up for this in Nov09 as well. You are assigned an ad to tweet and they pay you for it. I've earned a measly $1.49 haha. But as my good friend DiTesco says, "...every bit counts!"

PayPerPost v.4 - As the name suggests, this give you topics to write about and they pay for a post or a link. Joined in Nov09 - received some leads, and one offer which I rejected. I don't remember why, hm... I think the offer was too low. Lol! :p Still waiting!

Sponzai - These are sponsored guest posts! They pay you to post a fixed guest post.  I joined in Nov09 and have now earned $2.00 from 2 opportunities.

Google Affiliates - I joined this late last year in Nov09. These are ads that run but do not give a value per click, rather, if someone purchases something, you will get commission for it - 10%, 15% sometimes more. I've received a total of 27,590 ad impressions here, but no purchases yet, so $0 earnings!

Infolinks - I signed up in Nov09 (2 months running - but took it out for a few weeks) - and so far have earned $0.81, payout is $100. lol. Maybe a few more years. These are in-content links to ads that pay per click.

Sponsored Reviews - The last one I signed up for last was Sponsored Reviews as recommended by my friend Gem of The Lady Programmer.  Haven't heard from them since I made an account. Turns out, I think the cost per review value I put on my profile was too high for my SponsoredReviews Rank. lol. So I just changed it today. Let's wait until next month if anything happens. Hehe


"Earning 10 in 2010" - Going for $10 a month, my blogging goal!

I have very recently signed up for two more money making services:

Adgitize - Earning points that get converted to cash to me sounds interesting because your physical work will have a hand at how much you will earn - unlike ads that are dependent on your readers' interest. 

Adgitize your web site.

Chitika - This one focuses on "search engine" traffic - and provides targeted ads based on the search keywords.  This is especially good if most of your traffic comes from search engines. SEO expertise also comes into play here.

Get Chitika | Premium

I am going to try and earn at least $10 every month. That's quite a high target considering my past performance, but we'll see how things go. :)

January was not very good for my blogging - coming off the holidays and being welcomed by a deluge of work didn't help either. Hehe. I only came up with 9 posts this month compared to 13 in Jan09. :p Hopefully that will change soon!

Now that I've introduced you to the sites that I have signed up for, which one will you try out? Or if you already have them, which one is your favorite?

This is not a sponsored post! (:p too bad!)

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  1. What a wonderful grouping of resources for those wanting to explore ways to make money online! Thanks for taking the time to compile it, ReyJr. :)

  2. Haha! That was fast Heather! :D
    I really wanted to compile everything that I've signed up for because I was
    already losing track. Now I've made an excel sheet out of it and will now
    track it from there. The nerd in me has won yet again. :p

  3. ah nuffnang! i'm expecting my first payout sometime this end of February.or first week of March. ang tagal!

  4. Hello Rey,

    I have signed up with Sponsored Reviews and I had some posts written for them. They pay well but are very selective based on Google PR. I signed up also for blogvertise and Review me" and they pay monthly. Sufficient pay. And I had rejected several ads. You could apply here too Rey. They're legit.

    I have google adsense too and just like you , I only have $41.00 . he he he...I recently signed up with infolinks and adjitize, let's see what happens. I signed in for linkfromblogs and they have sent several ads to write , but I still have not responded.

    You could write for Odesk too just like Gem and me. It's good for me , so far, as a part time

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. try ko nuffnang ads. kaso di ko sya malagay sa page ko,,

  6. Do the math.

    Estimate the number of hopefuls "just like you." Now, over a year, how many have not reached the minimum payout? Assume they gave up. How much does that contribute to the coffers of the company feeding the ads?

  7. I guess if newbies get at least some progress on their money making endeavors then it becomes easier to decide to see it through. That's why we shouldn't give up on it! :D

    The problem is expecting it to earn for you instantly. Well doh folks. :p Work hard for your money! :p

    I guess for me it was never really just about the money. If it was, then I'd have just made a splog of showbiz stuff. So the money is icing on my cake. :)

  8. Nice monthly target, Rey. Since we've no products or services to sell ourselves, that list of money earners is worth trying out to see which works best. I'd be very happy if I can pay for the utilities with my AdSense earning though. Otherwise, I'd be forced to dip into my savings. Yay.

  9. Okay, now that I've fed Ziggy I can get down to the business of commenting. He was quite hungry, ya know. =)

    I have lost track of many of the programs I have signed up with, but you have listed a few I should really look into. Here's to making a little money to pay for our blogging habits!

  10. Ma'am Jena, I also got Odesk account. What particular job were you able to receive from them? Thanks.

  11. And internet bills, too. And the munchies you consume while doing your blog
    routine. Aba, we think alike. Just thinking about SEO makes me feel tired
    already. :)

  12. What's the min. payout of nuffnang?

  13. Well, maybe I'll reconsider if I have more time to write. It takes me too long to write one post (obessively poring over details, grammar and all that), so it becomes work for me sometimes. Haha.

    DiTesco had some good advice on this though - write the post first and then do SEO optimization, not the other way around. That was you'll still keep your "voice".

  14. Amen to that Anne! You have a lot of blogs too so you must be earning thousands of dollars a month! woot! :)

    And thanks for feeding Ziggy. I think he's high on sugar or something. hmm... did you feed him chocolates?!

  15. That is great Rey, cool goal for 2010...I guess you have given me the idea of what goal to adopt too...not really very unrealistic but at the same time not too demeaning...

    Yahooooo....$10 for 2010!!!!

  16. haha. i'd be happy if I can make more than that, but I'm afraid if I set it any higher i'd be forced to work much harder than I would like to. haha. Blogging for me is for destressing, not another job. :P

    Good luck on your blogging goals! Glad to have inspired it a bit. ;)

  17. Good Luck!

    For now, I take a leave off from making money online. I just continue to blog what I wanted :)

  18. Rey, I believe I am much into "earning money online" thingy as compared to you. But I won't brag either my earnings of PhP30,000 in my more than a year of blogging.

    I admire you for being able to stick with your blogs' agenda, to share your personal thoughts and not become an avenue for advertisers' products. Lately, I am feeling bad about my blog. For me it was a total mess, a garbage, a trash. I don't feel the personal touch of my blog anymore (unless my post was about my runs). So, I am thinking to have a leave from those money-making sites - a day, a week, or even a month. I just wanted to bring back the old 'personal blog' that I have, back on the days when I dunno about paid to post sites, just Google Adsense. I am also planning to create another blog that will hold all those paid to post posts.

    Anyhow, thanks for sharing your affiliates. For the sponsored posts, you need not wait for advertisers to contact you. You need to bid among the available opportunities, and wait for them to approve/accept your bid. I am more fond of PTP rather than paid to click sites (ever since Google banned my Google Adsense account). So, would like to recommend you:

    1. InPostLinks - here, you need not advertise a product, you can write whichever you want for as long you can mention their anchor text (and of course link it)
    2. SocialSpark - this is where DragonBlogger is earning $200 per post (eye-popped, jaw-dropped). They also got PTC here (via blog, twitter, and FB)
    3. BuyBlogReviews - similar to SponsoredReviews
    4. Blog4Reviews - by Ms. Janet Toral

    Actually, there are many other sites Rey :) Good luck on your 10 on 2010 :D

  19. P3oK? That's not so bad, Madz. Kung ako yan feeling mayaman na ako. What you're saying about paid posts is true. I have friends whose posts I've not commented on - I read them though - simply because I feel no personal connection with the blog's focus. Too many paid posts. I don't complain about them anymore. It's their blog after all. And who am I to say what whould they write about, right? Live and let live lang yan. I wish they'd strive for balance though.

  20. Jan, I cannot remember what I had bought with my earnings, kaya siguro hindi
    ko maramdaman, LOL! I am already feeling imbalance in my blog now. So I am
    taking a leave off from paid posts. I am thinking to create a blog that is
    dedicated to such instead. I really wanted to preserve my blog as something
    as personal. :)

  21. That's good to hear, Madz. I've read your comment in one of Holly's post,
    too wherein you expressed the same sentiment by the way. Very reassuring
    that you place a high premium in getting your voice back.

  22. I do Jan. And I am enjoying it more than doing paid posts :D

  23. Still not enough to buy a Macbook, but more than enough to pay for webhost
    fees. Aba, kasya for a modest netbook ang dyaske. :) Dios me, bat ko ba
    binibilang ang perang di naman sa akin? Ahahaha.

  24. haha 30k is enough for roundtrip ticket to Singapore. :)

  25. Oh no Rey, that's a NO NO to me, LOL! Running is soooooooo me that I don't
    want a paid post to be inserted. I got other plans though :) We'll see once
    I already set it up.

  26. This January? I don't do the accounting, hee hee.

  27. Very nice post Rey! Try mo din ang Blogsvertise (dito ako kumikita ng malaki).

    BTW, exchange links tayo sa ko, nailagay n kita dun sa blogroll. :D

  28. Hi Kelvs! Congrats sa bagong blog mo! I went over there to say hello din.

    Will check out Blogsvertise sige. Gaano kalaki ba yang "malaki" na kinikita mo? Hahaha.

  29. My new blog is up Rey: :)

  30. WOW, congratulations! Try InPostLinks too. I had one post that costs $7.50

  31. i followed the instructions on how to add ads kaso "Error matching blog to blogger entry....." ang nag-aappear sa page ko. ayun. pwede ko ba i paste na lang sa page elements/add gadget/html?

  32. Yes pwedeng pwede sa add gadgets. :) If you are viewing via Preview, some ads may not appear. Try it again. :)

  33. it’s good to have for a blogspot blogs too